Campus Traffic Update


The Renaissance Project's campus expansion is busy at work. As we begin the new school year, changes in traffic patterns and parking must be addressed. It is imperative that everyone follow these new procedures so that the SAFEST environment is provided for our students.

  • There are two entrances to campus; the main entrance, and the south entrance located near the baseball field. 
  • When entering campus, please obey all signs and staff members directing traffic.
  • All pedestrians walking through campus in the morning MUST use crosswalks.
  • Designated student parking is located in the upper lot.
  • Visitor and disabled parking is located on the north side of St. John's Hall (near the main entrance to campus).
  • Bus drop-off lanes are the first 2 lanes to the right in front of St. John's Hall. Cars are NOT PERMITTED in the bus drop-off lanes.  The two left lanes are for thru traffic; not student drop-off.
  • Students being dropped-off by parents MUST exit cars from the right lane in front of DeSales Hall or the pond.
  • All students and staff entering campus, who are parked in the upper or middle lot, must access those lots by driving up the back road by the baseball field. 
  • The faculty/staff lot located west of Immaculata Hall is for faculty/staff ONLY. No student drop-off is permitted.
  • Please do not drop-off students in front of St. John's or Immaculata Hall, or in the faculty/staff lot.
  • Please drive slowly and with caution. 
Your patience is appreciated as we begin the new school year. These procedures are new for everyone involved. It is our goal to create the safest environment possible for the students, and we need your assistance and cooperation in accomplishing this. Thank you!

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