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Academic Resources

Our school counseling program is designed to support each student as he progresses through his academic career in high school, in preparation for his future studies and career. The counselors at Don Bosco Prep value collaboration with teachers and administrators to ensure appropriate course placement that is closely aligned with each student’s abilities and skills. In addition, the counselors empower students to be accountable, optimistic, and find joy throughout the learning process.

Additionally, the counselors identify students who may be struggling academically or are expressing concerns throughout their studies. Counselors will consult and collaborate with students, teachers, administrators, and family members to implement a plan of support moving forward. Don Bosco Prep offers many supports for students who may be having a difficult time academically. Most notably are our student tutors, who are members of the National Honor Society and, of course, our wonderful teachers who make themselves available to students as need be.

Students are responsible for connecting with their teacher and counselor should they feel that they are struggling academically.

Social/Emotional Development

Through individual and group counseling sessions, the counselors at Don Bosco Prep work to guide students through personal, social, and emotional domains of their lives that may impact their learning processes. As challenges or personal concerns may arise in a student or family’s lives, the counselors intervene with support and resources to foster positive growth and assistance throughout the school day and provide students with strategies to use outside of school as well.

If need be, counselors will refer students to outside support services. At Don Bosco Prep, your school counselor is your liaison between home and school and your personal life and studies. He or she will advocate on your behalf to ensure overall success and wellbeing.  Additionally, the counseling department offers small-groups throughout the school year that cover topics such as anxiety, stress, grief, loss, and study skills, just to name a few.

Students should connect with their school counselor with questions or concerns about how to become a member of one of our small-group counseling sessions or if there is a concern they feel is important for us to be made aware of.

College & Career Readiness

The school counseling program at Don Bosco Prep prepares students for their future academic and career journeys. 

In preparation for higher education, counselors work on an individual basis with each student throughout his high school experience to ensure students are on track throughout the college exploration/application process and other postsecondary options.

Our program begins in freshman year, utilizing Naviance (a college and career readiness computer software) to allow students to start thinking about potential career options that may fit their personality characteristics and interests.

Through individual, group, and classroom guidance presentations, students learn the process of exploring their interests and abilities and how these will connect to their future education and career.

Counselors will schedule time with students throughout the school year to connect about college and career readiness.  Please refer to the Guidance Department’s monthly newsletter to receive updates as they pertain specifically to the college application process.
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