Varsity boys' soccer coach is responsible for coaching high school student athletes in game strategies and techniques to prepare them for interscholastic Soccer competitions. Position motivates student athletes to develop an appreciation of the sport.

Essential Duties 
1. Holds organizational meetings for team prospects and encourages potential athletes to participate in the sport. 

2. Assesses player's skills and assigns team positions. 

3. Develops a regular practice schedule and organizes practice time to provide both individual and team development. 

4. Works with the Athletic Director in scheduling facilities for practices and competition. 

5. Coaches and instructs players, individually and in groups, regarding the rules, regulations, equipment, and techniques of the sport. 

6. Observes players, during competition and practice to determine the needs for individual or team improvement. 

7. Determines game strategy based on the team's capabilities. 

8. Establishes and maintains standards of decorum and provides proper supervision of athletes at all times  

9. Monitors the academic performance of team members to ensure that eligibility requirements are met; and encourages student athletes to maintain a high academic standard. 

10. Follows established procedures in the event of an athlete's injury. 

11. Conferences with parents/guardians, as necessary, regarding the athletic performance of their student. 

12. Follows state, regional, and district regulations governing the athletic program. 

13. Models sports-like behavior and maintains appropriate conduct towards players, officials, and spectators. 

14. Acts as a team representative and promotes the sport by communicating with booster clubs, service clubs, community groups, and other organizations. 

15. Follows established procedures for the proper care, maintenance, and requisitioning of equipment, supplies, and uniforms. 

16. Works with the Athletic Director to develop a policy for awards and submits a list of award winners at the end of the season. 

17. Participates in special activities to include fundraising, parent's night, banquets, award nights, and pep assemblies. 

18. Maintains eligibility forms, equipment inventory, and other related records. 

19. Models non discriminatory practices in all activities.  
Other Duties 
1. Attends staff development meetings, clinics, and other professional activities to improve coaching performance. 

2. Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Principal and Athletic Director or other appropriate administrator.  
Please email cover letter and resume to athletic director Marcin Szorc mszorc@donboscoprep.org.  Deadline for applying is January 4, 2021.


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