Since 2012 (with the exception of 2019) a group of students and chaperones have gone on a mission trip to Nicaragua during February break. The group started the week by visiting a dump site to feed the people who work there. They are called “waste pickers”, and work to collect recyclables that are then sold to a middle man. They are only paid around $40 a month for this job. One woman shared that this would be the only meal she would eat today.

The group, who spend the week at the Mama Margarita Foundation, feed the children who visit daily, and then play with them in the playground and pray the rosary together. They have helped build houses, traveled to Grenada to visit the San Juan Bosco school, had Mass in the cathedral, and competed in a soccer match. They also visited the birth place of The Blessed Maria Romero, a Salesian sister, toured the center of Grenada, and conducted a social justice exercise where students simulated buying food for a family of five on a week's pay of 1000 Córdoba (equivalent of about $25).

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