Academic Pathways Program

Studying Sitcoms

DBP Comm Arts Media Camp is rolling and students are acting out sitcoms. 
The Pioneers of DBP Comm Arts learned all about the Pioneers of Television sitcoms, Jackie Gleason and Desi Arnaz. These students re-enacted the famous “Golfer” skit from the Honeymooners using three cameras and recording a line cut that they will later finalize in post. 3 Camera Sitcoms were unheard of back then but Jackie Gleason and Desi Arnaz were ahead of their time and we believe our talent DBP Comm Arts students are too! Ralph Kramden was played by Anthony Gibbons ‘23 and Ed Norton by Harrison Brooks ‘23. Will Lugo (future Ironman), Colin Doyle ‘23 and Chase Doyle ‘23 were Camera OPs. Emerson Shatouhy ‘21 and Ms Vrablic Directed, and Chris Castrillon ‘22 was the Technical Director. We know Jackie Gleason would shout “Baby, you’re the greatest!” Outstanding job gentlemen!

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