Don Bosco Prep is happy to welcome Mr. Craig Jandoli as Assistant Principal of Academics. After spending eight years at Paramus High School as a special education teacher and English teacher, as well as the Special Education department supervisor for three of those years, the path was cleared for his jump into administration. He spent the next four years as Vice Principal at Hawthorne High School.

“I had my hand in everything an administrator could get their hands in,” Mr. Jandoli said. “Testing, discipline, attendance, master scheduling, hiring, budgeting, and evaluations. The job prepared me for anything.”

Mr. Jandoli will carry this expertise here to Don Bosco Prep. His main concentration will be the academic program of studies: curriculum, evaluating course offerings, maximizing resources, scheduling, and professional development for teachers. “My position is still evolving,” Mr. Jandoli said. “Any time that you bring fresh eyes or perspective, it brings light to the situation. I am a believer of working as a team and figuring things out.”

Mr. Jandoli is looking forward to playing two roles at Don Bosco Prep; not only as administrator but as a teacher of American Literature for sophomores. “Now I will get to impact education on both sides of the fence,” he said. “I am looking forward to collaborating with faculty in this unique way, and to empower them by highlighting best practices.”

Mr. Jandoli is also looking forward to working with the students and being present in their daily school lives. “I’m excited to start building relationships with students, and about making their experience fun,” he said. “We need to challenge the students to bring out the greatest version of themselves. I can’t wait to be a part of their success stories.”

Mr. Jandoli understands that life in the classroom will be different this September than in years past because of COVID-19, but he is optimistic. “Situations like these provide us with a great opportunity to create what we want to be, not what we’ve always done. We just have to approach it with an open mind and a growing heart. In the end, it’s going to make us better educators.”

Mr. Jandoli has been involved in youth ministry since 2006, and has been running the Youth Ministry program at Saint Paul’s Church in Ramsey for four years. “ My main focus is my faith,” he said. “My number one goal is to let my love for Jesus go forth in my actions and my words.”

He is looking forward to the spiritual atmosphere at Don Bosco Prep. “The spirit of this place is special, and it is special to be able to have faith and not have to hide it,” he said. “It is great to feel at home and at peace on campus, and to go out of the office and to the chapel at any time.”

Craig and his wife Brittany have two boys, eight-year-old Devin and five-year-old Connor. He loves the Miami Dolphins, double-stuffed Oreos, Hershey’s Kisses, and adventures. He has been skydiving three times, bungee jumping (his least favorite), and zip lining. “It’s all about the adrenaline!”

We look forward to Mr. Jandoli’s next adventure: here at Don Bosco Prep!

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