Look who is back on the Don Bosco Prep campus this week! Br. Travis Gunther, SDB, returned for a visit after spending the past year in Barcelona, Spain studying Theology. His schooling is part of a three-year program meant to deepen knowledge of Theology and to better learn what it means to be a Salesian brother. Br. Travis lives in Casa Zatti, a Salesian formation house for brothers.

Br. Travis spent four years teaching Art at Don Bosco Prep. He was always very active in the Salesian and school communities, assisting with the annual summer bike trip for two years, creating and moderating the senior Life Skills course, moderating the Arts and Architecture Club, and always cheering on the boys at our sporting and performing arts events. 

Br. Travis explained how his experience in Spain has been different from that at Don Bosco Prep. “It is unique being back on the other side of the desk as a student,” he said. “And it was a change to be in a new country and a different culture. I missed the daily interaction with students and faculty at Don Bosco, but I definitely kept up on social media with what was happening.”

The next two years of Br. Travis’ schooling will focus on basic Theology with a deepening knowledge of scripture and catechesis. His formation will include visiting the Holy Land of Jerusalem as well as Turin, Saint John Bosco’s birthplace. He is also hoping to participate in the Camino de Santiago in 2022, a pilgrimage that is over 1,000 years old leading to the tomb of St. James in northwestern Spain.  

And what about Br. Travis’ art? “I participated in Inktober, an Instagram challenge where you create a drawing everyday,” he said. He also started drawing a 12’ x 8’ map of Barcelona on the dining room wall of the residence that he plans to finish when he returns. 

What will the future hold for Br. Travis after his time in Spain? “I would love to be back in daily contact with young people, realistically as a youth minister or teacher at a school, or a youth minister in a parish or possibly in formation,” he said. “But whatever the province and the provincial needs, I will do.”

Br. Travis has enjoyed these past two weeks at Bosco catching up with alumni and friends, and helping out with some projects around campus. “It’s still home, just not the home I live at,” he said. He also went hiking and visited his brother in Brooklyn. He will attend the First Profession of Kevin White and John Castonguay (also serving as John’s witness) this Saturday before heading home to Conway, Arkansas for a couple of weeks.

We wish Br. Travis a safe and fruitful year in Spain and hope he visits again next summer!

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