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DBP Sketch Fest

Get excited for Don Bosco Prep's Sketch Comedy Festival. Sign up to participate today! 

Do you like to laugh? Need a break of the stress of 2020? Join us for Don Bosco Prep’s first ever sketch comedy festival! Spend 5 weeks with your friends writing and workshopping original comedic sketches and scenes to be performed LIVE as part of DBP’s first Sketch Fest which will premiere on Saturday, November 21st. Think Saturday Night Live (SNL) but instead it’s DBL (Don Bosco Live). 
Important Dates:
Friday October 16th from 3:00pm-4:00pm - First Info Meeting
Saturday November 21st at 7:00pm - SketchFest Performance
Click here to view a draft of the schedule. Attendance is flexible and we can work around any conflicts you might have.  

Registration Info: 
DBP Sketch Fest is open to DBP students and female students from nearby schools. 
Register here by filling out the form and plan to join our first info meeting on Friday, October 16th from 3:00pm-4:00pm!

  • Can I help to write sketches but not perform on stage? Yes!
  • Can I perform in sketches but not lead the charge in writing? Yes! 
  • Can I choose whether I work on a sketch on my own or as part of a group? Yes! 
  • If I have to miss a few rehearsals, can I still be involved? Yes. We can work around your schedule. However, the amount of work you put in and your attendance will determine your role in the show. 
  • Is there a fee involved? Nope. It’s FREE.
  • Will there be free food? Quite possibly! You’ll have to join to find out. 

Watch a video example of sketch comedy here:
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