Burton Oh
Grade: 11
Burton Oh is an Ironman from Teaneck, New Jersey. He attended St. Joseph Academy in Bogota and is currently a junior at Don Bosco Prep. Below, Burton shares his Bosco experience. 

Why did you choose to attend Don Bosco Prep?
I chose Bosco because of its many service opportunities. My favorite service opportunity at Bosco is the BEST program. It is a weeklong program at school to bond with your brothers and do various service opportunities. They also offer several different mission trips. I also chose Bosco because of the brotherhood. It doesn’t matter what you do, you can make friends with almost everyone at Bosco. I also chose it because of the teachers. If you need help they are always there to help you. Bosco also has many aspects for faith life. They have masses every morning, school wide masses once a month, rosary once a week, adoration once a month, and so much more.

What are you involved in at Don Bosco Prep?
Rosary Club, Vice President of the Speak Out Club, Youth Ministry, Media Club, Ambassador Program, and Ski Team.

What are you involved in in your community?
In my community, I am involved in the church. I help out with the giving tree during Christmas. I helped my middle school when it was still open. I went back to help with the Christmas play and spring play. I help out at some of the events going on in the church as well. 

Do you have a favorite subject/class/teacher at Don Bosco Prep?
I like all of my classes at Bosco. All of my teachers make class fun and educational. I learn a lot and have fun at the same time. My favorite teacher at Bosco is Mr. Lomascolo. He made his class very enjoyable all last year. It was fun keeping him on track with the saint quote of the week. I also like Media at Bosco. Ms. Vrablic has taught me a lot with editing. I have a lot of fun editing videos and she has helped teach me and help me understand all of the features of Premiere.

Do you have a favorite memory at Don Bosco Prep?
My favorite memory at Bosco is the trip to Ecuador. I had the opportunity to go to Ecuador and experience the culture while helping out kids in the SDB communities. In Ecuador, I got to go rafting, make chocolate, try new foods, and so much more. I also got to help and meet kids in the Don Bosco communities. I got to talk to them and play with them. This was just a really memorable moment. I got to see kids be super happy when they have very little. This made me happy because I got to play soccer with them and make them even more happy. The smiles on their faces just made me feel good and helped me know that I was making an impact. I also was able to get to know one of my best friends now, Liam. I met him during my freshman year when we were both on the trip to Ecuador together. Even though he was a senior, I still was able to become great friends with him. To this day, we still talk and eat lunch together. This was another great part of Don Bosco Prep.

What has your experience been like at Don Bosco Prep?
My experience at Bosco has been amazing. I have learned a lot and had lots of fun. I have been fortunate enough to go on various trips to enjoy my high school career. I have been able to go to the National Catholic Youth Conference and grow stronger in faith. I have been able to go to Ecuador to learn a different culture and see what it is like to live in poverty. I have been able to volunteer at various events and meet many different people. It is very sad that my time at Bosco is going to end next year, but I am just glad that I have been able to experience all that I have so far.

How do you see Don Bosco Prep preparing you for your future, both personally and professionally? 
I see Don Bosco preparing me in the future by teaching me many different skills for life. Through the media club I have been able to learn how to use a video camera and how to edit. This helps me see a possible job option in the future. I have also learned robotics and engineering through the robotics elective. This is giving me an insight to what engineering is. I have also learned about volunteering in the community and helping people out. They have had many service opportunities that I can do throughout my life to keep helping other people.

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