Don Bosco Prep was honored to receive a visit on Tuesday from former NY Giants linebacker Carl Banks, who is currently an analyst for the radio broadcasts of the Giants, and is one of the voices of Sirius NFL Radio and WFAN. 
Banks was hosted by the members of the DBP Media Club, who asked him questions about his career in football and as a broadcaster. 
Banks told members of the Media Club and other students about his time at Michigan State University, playing football and focusing on his education. "I never expected to be drafted as high as I was or to be playing in the NFL,” Banks said. “As a Communication Arts major, I worked at developing my skills in front of and behind the camera.”
As Banks’ career progressed, he had the idea of creating a post-game radio show, never done by an active player. He did his own networking, and got himself a sponsor: Coca-Cola. Soon he was hosting his post-game show and The Carl Banks Report. “It led to a great career in broadcasting,” Banks said. "It’s been a blessing to live my dreams.”
When asked by members of the Media Club what his most memorable time as a pro football player was, Banks told them it was winning Super Bowl XXI in 1986, during which he notably recorded 15 tackles. “You dream of being in a championship game, and as an athlete, you dream of having the most incredible game.”
Banks gave great advice to the students as they pursue careers in broadcasting and Media Arts. “As a reporter, you work to inform yourself,” said Banks. “On the radio, you have to be the eyes to their ears. On television, your job is to tell it the way you see it. But you have to be informative. You can’t be bigger than the information you’re giving. Your personality helps you articulate your message. As an analyst, you have to tell what happened and why it happened. It’s about the quality of your information.”
Thank you to Ms. Vrablic and the Media Club for conducting a great interview session, and to Carl Banks for being with us!

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