Again this year, our Latin students joined more than 100,000 Latin students from across the country, as well as from 13 other countries, in participating in the National Latin Exam. Many of our students performed very well on the exam and earned the following awards based on their performance: 17 Gold Summa Cum Laude (including 7 perfect scores), 4 Silver Maxima Cum Laude, and 1 Magna Cum Laude. Mr. Zawiski is particularly proud of his students' performance this year and their commitment to the study of Latin and the history of Greek and Roman Antiquity. 
The award recipients are:
Latin I H
Tiernan Burke (Gold Summa Cum Laude), Ryan Daves (Gold Summa Cum Laude - Perfect Paper), Giovanni Fragiacomo (Gold Summa Cum Laude - Perfect Paper), Israel Jackson (Gold Summa Cum Laude - Perfect Paper), Gelyn Joseph (Gold Summa Cum Laude),  Kevin Joseph (Gold Summa Cum Laude),  Aidan Kang (Gold Summa Cum Laude), Jason Koo (Gold Summa Cum Laude), Thomas MacDougall (Gold Summa Cum Laude - Perfect Paper),  Declan McInerney (Silver Maxima Cum Laude), Jack Schreiber (Silver Maxima Cum Laude), and Elliot Iwaki (Cum Laude)
Latin II H
Jonathan Algor (Gold Summa Cum Laude - Perfect Paper), Hunter Ditrano (Gold Summa Cum Laude - Perfect Paper), Daltrey Pecoraro (Gold Summa Cum Laude - Perfect Paper), Charles Ryan (Gold Summa Cum Laude)
Latin III H
Maximilian Berina (Gold Summa Cum Laude), Thomas Gehrig (Gold Summa Cum Laude), Aidan Moclair (Gold Summa Cum Laude), Adrien Motaharian (Gold Summa Cum Laude), Ryan McHale (Silver Maxima Cum Laude)
AP Latin
Apostolos Theodoropoulos (Silver Maxima Cum Laude) 

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