We recently caught up with alumnus Brother Kevin White ‘16, who renewed his vows as a Salesian last week. Br. Kevin has started his second year of practical training, as part of his formation, at Archbishop Shaw High School in Marrero, LA. Br. Kevin talked about how being a student at Don Bosco Prep has been so important in his life.
“I am truly convicted in the fact that if I did not go to Don Bosco Prep, I would not be anywhere close to having the relationship with God that I have now,” said Br. Kevin. “I know that my time and experience at Don Bosco Prep really immersed me in a culture and an environment that had an amazing balance of trying to make all of us happy, holy and healthy and where faith and fun come together. I still look at Don Bosco Prep as some of the best years of my life and I mean that with all my heart. I made lifelong friends there, but at the same time, I had an authentic encounter with Christ.”
Br. Kevin believes that having the Salesian influence and presence in his life while at Don Bosco Prep is what really helped him make his decision to begin formation as a Salesian. “I know if we didn't have the Salesian priests and brothers at Bosco, I would not have had the encounter with Jesus that I did. It was through a Salesian priest that made this life-changing encounter a reality for me, because it really did change my life and the trajectory of everything in the best way possible.”
“God had a surprise in store and I couldn’t have dreamt of what has taken place since I scarily and nervously decided to listen to His voice inside and to follow him,” he continued. “None of that would have been possible if I didn’t go to Don Bosco Prep and if the Salesians were not there, and also the charism of Saint John Bosco and his spirituality.”
We wish Br. Kevin the best in the school year ahead and God bless him in his continuing Salesian journey!

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