Model UN Embarks to Yale for Conference

Mr. John Finn
On Thursday afternoon, January 18th, nine DBP students traveled to New Haven, CT to attend a four day Model UN Conference sponsored by Yale University.  The initiative for joining the conference was spearheaded by club president Sameer Jafri.  The conference was attended by over 1800 high school students from around the world, providing a unique opportunity for students to interact and gain a realistic global perspective from one another.
Upon arrival, student-delegates attended opening ceremonies in historic Woolsey Hall, a palatial early 20th century music theater.  The opening address was given by Yale Fellow, Ms. Blair Miller, who spoke about her work bringing sustainable business development opportunities to underdeveloped communities in Africa and Asia.  On Friday morning all students had the opportunity to take a campus tour and attend a series of lectures by Yale professors.  On Friday afternoon committee sessions began and continued through Sunday afternoon.
The 1800 students were divided among 38 committees; some of the committees had over 100 student-delegates.  Awards were given to about ten of the top performing students in each committee; and we are pleased to note that Drew Pugliese won an Honorable Mention Award.
Model UN committees simulate the operation of the actual United Nations.  Each committee takes up a series of topics (international issues and crises) and, through a process of formal debate and informal discussion, attempts to develop resolutions.  Each student delegate is assigned a country to represent and must address the topic from his/her country’s perspective.  The goal of each committee is to reach consensus on a resolution and adopt that resolution by a majority vote. 

The nine DBP students (photo, left to right) were assigned to the following committees:
Max Donovan – International Atomic Energy
Matt Salatto – Women’s Rights
Christian LoBiondo – Disarmament and International Security
Michael Corcoran – International Children’s Relief Fund (UNICEF)
Drew Pugliese – Human Rights (won Honorable Mention Award)
Christopher Klemm – Social and Humanitarian
Sameer Jafri  - International Children’s Relief Fund (UNICEF)
Matt Hartman – Education, Scientific and Cultural
Roshan Dave – Sustainable Development

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