Don Bosco Prep School Community Participates in Blackout Day

Craig Dietel '13 Associate Director of Public Relations and Alumni
Today, March 23, 2018, the Don Bosco Prep school community participated in a school-wide Blackout Day to raise awareness around issues related to binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, and blackouts due to high-risk drinking.

In preparation for this day, bulletin boards all across campus were covered in black cloth to symbolize a blackout. Statistics were read at the start of each class as well as in homeroom so students could visualize the seriousness of binge drinking. Faculty members were encouraged to start a conversation about these issues after reading the statistics to get students engaged. The students watched a video in homeroom about the dangers of blackouts due to binge drinking. Students also participated in the school-wide event today by dressing down in black clothing.

“Raising awareness about the dangers of high-risk drinking is really important for adolescents,” said Ms. Jenica Siniscalco, Student Assistance Coordinator, who spearheaded today’s events. “The majority of our students don't participate in it but they know a lot of people who do. It’s helpful for them in their own decision making as well as teaching them how to spot binge drinking early, so that when they see it, they can help a friend.”

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