Robotics Team Continues to Impress

The Don Bosco Prep Varsity Robotics Team was a part of an alliance that earned finalist status (second place) at the FIRST Robotics Competition Midatlantic District Montgomery event this past weekend against 39 teams from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  The team lost some tough matches in the qualification rounds finishing up at 5 - 7.  But during one such match, they meshed quite well with two teams from Pennsylvania.  During the alliance selections process, when these two teams were looking for a third team to round out their alliance, and the Ironmen were chosen. 

Together the three teams of the alliance went 2 - 0 in both the quarterfinal and semi-final rounds before losing in the finals.  Based on the combined results of the Mt. Olve and Montgomery competitions, the Ironmen have earned the right to compete at the FIRST Midatlantic Competition District Championship at Lehigh University on 
April 5th to 7th at which the top teams in the 125-team district will compete for district honors.

The Don Bosco Prep Junior Varsity Robotics Teams competed at the FIRST Robotics Competition Midatlantic District Bridgewater event this two weeks ago against 36 teams from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  FIRST Robotics Competition consists of more than 3600 teams worldwide competing with robots that weigh up to 120 pounds.  The purpose of the JV team is to give freshmen and sophomores experience that they would not otherwise get with only a varsity team.    Because there is no separate junior varsity event, our team was the only JV team at the competition.  The team won 7 of 12 qualification matches and finished in 6th place in the first stage of the competition.  This earned our team the right to be the captain of the fourth alliance in the elimination rounds. 

Unfortunately after winning the first elimination match against the fifth alliance, we lost the next two matches in a best of three format.  Overall, the JV team made a very respectable showing which bodes well for the future potential of our team.  Even more importantly, our freshmen and sophomores are learning the engineering and teamwork skills that will allow them to be successful in any future technical endeavor.


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