Wellness Week at DBP Concludes with Therapy Dogs

Craig Dietel '13 Associate Director of Public Relations and Alumni
This week at DBP, our students participated in “Wellness Week.”  Each day had a different event for students in order to help ease the stress of upcoming finals and end of the year schoolwork.

“Wellness week this year focused on ways to maintain your mental health during challenging times and provided our students with an opportunity to see various ways to manage stress and care for themselves,” said Jenica Siniscalco, our Student Assistance Coordinator.  “We planned this week during Mental Health Awareness month to give students the opportunity to learn about what mental health and mental healthiness encompasses in all aspects of their lives- academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, spirituality, family and peer relationships.”

On Monday, students were asked to take part in a Screen Free Pledge, which was a promise to not use electronics during their lunch periods throughout the week. Theology classes also went over self-assessment of wellness as well as stress relief exercises.

Tuesday’s event featured yoga during gym classes. Students could also participate in the Stigma Free Walk A Thon held in the evening at Ramsey High School. There was also tabling during lunch about social supports and safety nets for interested students.

On Wednesday we had a full day of no technology use in classrooms. Teachers were still able to use technology to teach but students were asked to not use their iPads or iPhones during classes.

Thursday’s events included psychologists from COR groups visiting gym classes to talk about the benefits of exercise and physical activity and their impact on overall wellness.

Today, Therapy Dogs made their way to campus and were stationed around the gymnasium for photographs and “play time” with students. These dogs are trained to help relieve stress and the students loved the time they had with them.

Thank you to Jenica Siniscalco for working so diligently on the planning and implementation of this week. Our students greatly benefited from your hard work and dedication!

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