Jennifer Passerino, Director of Public Relations
S.A.L.T. Student Athletes Gain Direction through the “Lead Like a Champion” Seminar
This past Monday afternoon, the members of Don Bosco’s S.A.L.T. (Student Athlete Leadership Team) participated in the “Lead Like a Champion Seminar”.  Run by Program Director Kristin Sheehan, the seminar began with a Prayer for Athletes, followed by a discussion of what each element of “Play Like a Champion” means. “Play” (meaning sports are games) insinuates that sports are meant to be “played” with joy, zeal and energy. The boys created a list of adjectives that characterize a “Champion”. They were asked to consider which qualities of a champion that they are “good at” and which qualities they personally need to work on developing within themselves. Then the student athletes broke up into nine groups, each writing a definition of Leadership that were molded together to one total S.A.L.T. definition of Leadership.

Some of the aspects of the leadership plans that the boys committed to were to bring faith into their teams, lead by positive example, communicate effectively, be an extension of their coach, and to identify their team culture. They were also asked to consider important aspects of leadership as it pertains to themselves: Are you giving your best to Don Bosco? Are you serving your teammates? Are you respected by your teams? They also were asked to consider what their legacy will be and how they will be remembered.

The overall goal of the seminar is for the S.A.L.T. members to have a greater vision of their role on their respective teams, and bring leadership and guidance to their teammates this season.

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