Craig Dietel, '13 Associate Director of Public Relations and Alumni
Betterment Day & Big Brother Breakfast.
This morning, the Don Bosco Prep school community participated in the first Betterment Day of the academic year. Betterment Day is an initiative that we started this year that aims to help students, faculty and staff better themselves as well as the school and people around them.

Run by Mr. Robert Fazio, Principal, and Mr. Christopher Moore, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, via video conference over the Smart Boards, accompanied by SALT leaders (Student Athlete Leadership Team) in the classrooms, Betterment Day was a fun and enlightening experience for all. Mr. Fazio and Mr. Moore posed questions and began discussions on how to make the school a better environment for all using examples such as cleaning up after oneself in the cafeteria after lunch, putting in the extra effort at practice or in the classroom, and supporting your brothers within their extracurricular activities.

SALT leaders then led conversations with their peers and really dove into the topics that were brought before them. This led to interesting discussions that hopefully will help our students stick to this year’s montra: Get Better Together. One person does not make a team; however, bettering yourself for the common good is an admirable thing to do, and that was stressed in this morning's session.

This morning also featured our annual Big Brother Breakfast where the Big Brothers and the freshmen congregated in the Savio Hall Dining Gallery for a meal together. The theme at the breakfast was being proactive. They were encouraged to be proactive on a personal level, within their extracurriculars and at school in general.

Thank you to everyone involved in the planning and implementation of Betterment Day, especially the members of SALT. We could not have done this without your hard work and dedication.  


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