Craig Dietel '13 Associate Director of Public Relations and Alumni
Students participated in a leadership retreat.
This week, fourteen Ironmen embarked on our annual Salesian Leadership retreat.
The Salesian Leadership Retreat is intended for juniors who possess clear evidence ofleadership ability or leadership potential, and who have demonstrated openness to religion. These students might already demonstrate their propensity for leadershipthrough a position in Student Government, athletic teams, clubs or campus youth ministry.

“The focus of this retreat is to accompany young people in developing their spirituality and understanding of their duty as Salesian disciples and leaders,” said Mr. Matthew Cooper, Assistant Youth Ministry Coordinator.

The participants were Brandon Edwards, Christian Rendo, Christopher Vella, Cole Smith, Henry Yordan, Hunter Hoban, Jake DeMatteo, Michael Marian, Paul Harris, Robert Greenleaf, Teague Rice, Tyler Capriotti, Peter Swartzberg, and Sebastian Fox.

We hope this is an eye opening and fun experience for these young men!

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