Mrs. Jennifer Passerino, Director of Public Relations
Ganley Foundation gives presentation.
As part of our year-long Betterment Day program, the seniors, juniors, and sophomores sat in on a presentation today given by the Ganley Foundation on mental health. The program, led by Grace Carricarte, LMHC, a licensed mental health expert specializing in suicide prevention, focused on educating communities about depression and challenges the stigmas that prevent proper intervention and treatment.

Today’s speaker was Jordan Burnham, a professional mental health campaign speaker who is a youth suicide attempt survivor. Jordan gave personal insight into depression and suicide through his own story, encouraging the boys to look for these signs in themselves and in each other.

“Choose good friends and be good friends,” said Ms. Carricarte, “Social support is essential. We derive so much meaning from our interpersonal relationships.”

The message was reinforced by school leaders that there are important and trustworthy resources here at school. Counselors, teachers, and administration are always available and willing to help. “It is so important to come forward and talk to someone,” said school counselor Ms. Susie Rando.

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