Thank you Ms. Stewart for your time!
Yesterday the student body was presented with a Pro-Life assembly, featuring guest speaker Jannique Stewart from the Life Training Institute. She gave a beautiful presentation in two parts on the Pro-Life message; that is, one should choose life over abortion.

In Ms. Stewart’s first presentation, to the students and faculty, she used science and philosophy to make a convincing case to choose life in all circumstances, even in the cases of rape and genetic defects. The basis of her argument was that all of us share a common and equal human nature despite differences in physical attributes, intellect, and abilities. According to Ms. Stewart, the better alternative to abortion is to offer up the child for adoption.

The second part of the presentation was done for smaller audiences of theology classes where she addressed the misconceptions of abortion and answered often-asked questions in regards to this topic. Students and teachers had an opportunity to ask their own questions after the presentation, and it was a lively and positive exchange between speaker and audience.

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