Pinning ceremony a success!
Last night, Don Bosco Prep inducted its second cohort of students into the L.E.O. Program at its  second Pinning Ceremony, formally inducting them into the program.

The night began with an opening prayer from Fr. Lou Konopelski, SDB, Vice Director, and a welcome from Mr. John Esposito, Director of the L.E.O. Program. Mr. Matt Perricone ’15, President of the Leonidas Foundation and Mr. Teddy Vagias P’15, Leo’s father, addressed the inaugural cohorts, new cohorts, and family members.

Mr. Vagias addressed the group about how ‘mind, body, and spirit’ are such important aspects of L.E.O. “‘Mind’ encourages us to think like leaders,” he said. “Gain the skills and the lessons and the experience to be a good leader. ‘Body’ means we are part of a team, and teamwork is essential. And ‘spirit’ represents that God made you in this image, and has given you gifts. You have to feed these gifts to be happy in life. Seize the moment and make something of yourself.”

Aidan Youngs ’19, member of the Inaugural L.E.O cohort spoke to the newly pinned members about what it means to be a part of this prestigious program.

Mr. Frank Pallotta, P’12, ’14, a L.E.O. Program mentor, was the evening’s keynote speaker. Mr. Pallotta has been a senior executive in the investment banking industry for more than 25 years, and is currently the owner of the Ramsey-based financial advisory firm Steel Curtain Capital Group, LLC and is preparing the launch of a new Canadian mortgage investment vehicle.

Mr. Pallotta stressed the importance the L.E.O. Program will play in the students’ futures. “Success begets success,” Mr. Pallotta said. “L.E.O. is the starting block of a life-long race.”

Lastly, Mr. Robert Fazio, our Principal, gave his closing remarks to encouraging the boys moving forward in the program.

Below are the names of the students in the Second L.E.O. Program Cohort:

Gregory Brew                                         Konrad Lalik
Edward Cho                                           Michael Marian
Jonathan  Cocca                                    Cian McCormack
Ryan Cooper                                          Brendan McKearney
Brandon Edwards                                   Darragh McKenna
Michael Fiorillo                                        Daniel Natt
William Fortescue                                   Sonny Olah
Luke Fortunato                                       Christian Rendo
Aidan Goettlicher                                    Jarrett Richman
William Grater                                         Robert Steinberg
Patrick Healey                                         Nicholas Stewart
Christopher Kennedy                              Albert Weglarz

The L.E.O. Program core focuses are Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Opportunity.  This highly selective program runs through the Business Pathway at Don Bosco Prep and offers participating students an unparalleled means by which to enhance their business knowledge and skills. The program runs from spring semester of Junior year through the fall semester of Senior year.

Students have the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service.
Entrepreneurs and business experts serve as volunteer coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the Lean processes, along with foundational business topics such as marketing and finance. Additionally, in partnership with the Leonidas Foundation, seminars, trips and internships are provided to enhance the learning experience.



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