February 4, 2019
To All in the Don Bosco Prep High School Community,
We write to announce a significant change in the leadership structure of Don Bosco Prep.
For the past thirty years, a Salesian priest has served in the dual role of Director and President of Don Bosco Prep.  Beginning July 1, 2019, the roles will be separated into two leadership positions: that of a Salesian Director and that of a Lay President.
Fr. James Heuser, SDB, will continue to serve as the Salesian Director of Don Bosco Prep, with primary responsibility for maintaining and fostering the charism of St. John Bosco in every aspect of the educational and evangelizing environment of the school community.
And we are delighted to announce that Mr. Robert Fazio, currently Principal, has been appointed by the Board of Trustees to the new role of President of Don Bosco Prep, effective July 1, 2019.  He will serve as the chief executive officer of the school, with primary responsibility for its educational direction, financial soundness and strategic planning.
Mr. Fazio brings to the position over thirty years of service and transformative educational leadership in public schools, most notably the Union City School District, as well as several years of educational leadership in two Catholic high schools: Maria Regina High School [2012-2014] and our own Don Bosco Prep [2016 to the present].  In addition, as the parent of a Don Bosco Prep alumnus, he possesses a rich understanding and deep appreciation of the Salesian charism.
Don Bosco Prep will now conduct a search for a new Principal who, with vision and energy, can work closely with Mr. Fazio and Fr. Heuser to advance the academic curriculum and educational programming of Don Bosco Prep.  A committee will be formed to interview candidates and recommend for hire.
The over 100-year history of Don Bosco Prep is a proud one.  We take this historic step now to provide an even stronger Salesian home, school, church and playground for the many young men who will join its brotherhood in years to come.
Very Rev. Timothy Zak, SDB                                                         Mr. James P. Fortescue, Class of 1991
Salesian Provincial                                                                           Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Don Bosco Prep

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