Students Celebrate
Spring rolls, traditional cakes, candies! It's the Chinese New Year! Several of the students from the Mandarin classes learned to make a very special tea called Red Robe Tea from the Wuyi Mountains, tying in to the Chinese 1 book that students read: All the Tea in China.

Students learned how to make spring rolls; as well as how food is served in a traditional Chinese home based on Confucian principles (learned in Chinese 3). All students had a chance to practice the 25 New Year greetings they are studying in class as well as fill red envelopes (traditional New Year gift) with their goals for the year.

Father Paul stopped by to share the New Year’s traditions of Vietnam. Mrs Hollenbaugh and Mr. Fazio stopped by to share in the festivities.
Special thanks to freshman Brendan Chia and his family for contributing treats and decorations.

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