Students Spend Week at Nazareth Farm
Over the Easter break, six students, Sebastian Fox, Evan Gabriel, John McKeon, Curtis Bommer, Ben Janneck and Erich Sanders, accompanied by Mr. John Darcey and Br. Travis Gunther, spent a week at Nazareth Farm in Salem, West Virginia. Nazareth Farm is a non-profit Catholic organization that lives by the four cornerstones of Prayer, Simplicity, Community and Service. The main objective is for volunteers to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and live in community with other high school volunteers from around the country.
While there, the students participated in service work in the surrounding counties to help repair the homes of those living in substandard conditions. They also took part in leading prayer services and learned about ways that they may live more simply to help our environment.
A typical day at the farm includes morning prayer, chores around the farm, a hearty breakfast, a day at the work-site doing all kinds of home repairs (ex. siding, drywall, painting, yard work, general maintenance), returning home to the farm for dinner, evening prayer and some free time to gather in community. 
Without the distraction of cellphones and laptops, the students were able to really connect with each other and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Volunteers schools for Easter week were from San Diego and San Jose, California as well as Detroit, Michigan. We are already looking forward to our return trip next year.
 To learn more about Nazareth farm or to donate, visit nazarethfarm.org

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