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Don Bosco Prep High School: A Salesian Institution

Here, you’ll become a part of a Salesian high school experience where character formation and vibrant community spirit converge to prepare future leaders of tomorrow with purpose. We take pride and make it our mission to provide a private high school environment that goes beyond academics and puts you first.


This is a place where the holistic development of each student is rooted in a time-tested Salesian educational philosophy, based on the principles of reason, religion, and righteousness.

Questions about admissions? Our team is here to answer them. We can even help schedule a visit so you can experience a day in the life at one of the best private schools in NJ.

We are Ironmen and there’s always room for one more.

Three of Don Bosco Students that are happy with the friendships they have found.

A Lifelong Brotherhood

A group of Don Bosco Students listening to a lecture

Don Bosco taught me how to deal with adversity. I also learned that I will have brothers for life.

Jonathan Kuczik ’22
Now attending
Fairfield University

At Don Bosco Prep, brotherhood is not a buzzword. It is a genuine bond that transcends generations, as evidenced by the many ways graduates of all ages continually interact and support each other. This timeless brotherhood is characterized by students and alumni alike understanding they are a part of something bigger than themselves—an understanding they acquired during their years at Don Bosco.

Our students graduate from a top high school in NJ not just with knowledge and a sense of self-worth, but also with a network of friends and a shared resolve to navigate life’s journey together. The bonds formed at a private school in NJ can last a lifetime.

A Salesian High School Difference

Education is a matter of the heart

St. John Bosco

In keeping with Don Bosco’s dream, a Salesian HS education is devoted to the Catholic education of youth and goes well beyond the classroom. We foster an environment where young people feel valued and respected. Students are supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential. Our Salesian educators meet students where they are in their individual paths and personally accompany them throughout their journeys.

We build relationships to help young men grow in faith and character, as well as excel in their academic ventures.


Dean Jeff W with a President Gabe P on Don Bosco Prep Campus

A group of Don Bosco Altar Boys

A Don Bosco Prep education is a holistic journey where young minds flourish, faith is nurtured, and lifelong friendships are forged.

Don Bosco Prep students graduate from a top-rated private high school in NJ with classroom knowledge, social skills, integrity and a sense of community that prepare them for college and the rest of their lives. As part of a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum, our innovative Academic Pathways program enables students to explore avenues of interest, a good way of engaging with what to study more deeply when they go to college.

Our Community

Don Bosco Prep is a Catholic school. Our Salesian mission calls on us to foster a community that welcomes all. While not all Don Bosco Prep students and teachers are Catholic, we all value knowledge, character, faith, and enduring friendships. We welcome students of all religions who value knowledge, character, and faith. Our Salesian values help make Don Bosco one of the best private high schools in NJ.

As a Jewish student attending Don Bosco Prep, I have been able to rise above my differences and explore the various perspectives that are offered. I have been able to develop a profound connection to the values of compassion, service, and faith that tie into the culture of the school.

Gabe Cushner ’24

A Journey of Growth, Faith, Friendship, Fellowship—and Fun

Whether you’re a parent seeking a school that values your child’s growth or a student eager to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and friendship, Don Bosco Prep is the one to choose. Our New Jersey school offers opportunities for fellowship that simply aren’t available elsewhere. We’d love to meet you—contact us today to learn about what we mean!

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