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High School Spirit
Shines at Don Bosco

It is a brotherhood, and I really do feel that I’ve made so many great friends here that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Luke Skinner, ‘22, Indian University – Kelley School of Business

A group of Don Bosco Students smiling and happy

Alumni constantly talk of the lifelong friendships they’ve forged because of their active Don Bosco campus lives and how much they’ve benefited from participation in our campus activities. Academic activities abound, as do service and social activities. Creativity flourishes in our celebrated arts program. Spiritual and community growth are nurtured in youth ministry programs. And

Whether participating in or cheering on our many NJ high school sports teams, students actively engage in our renowned athletic activities.

Let’s not forget location! Our students enjoy both the proximity to New York City and other urban opportunities and the serenity of our expansive, 35-acre campus.

Learn how Don Bosco student life will enrich your life!

  • Oratory Day

    • At the beginning of each year, the Juniors lead Freshmen through their campus experience, making sure to take time for lunch where they can relax, enjoy food, and get to know each other.
  • Cheers in the Quad

    • It might be a big game, or spirit week… or just because we need a boost! Impromptu gatherings in the quad for pep talks and Bosco cheer are one of our favorite parts of campus life.
  • Advent Prayer Service

    • Every year, we take time for reflection and prayer before Santa Claus makes an appearance. Our students sing “The 12 days of Christmas” louder than you’ve ever heard it!
    • Mother/Son Retreat

    • Each year mothers and their sons gather in a day of prayer, reflection, and relationship building. St. John Bosco believed that every young man needed a representation of Mary on earth. This started with his mother, Mama Margaret, in the Oratory at Valdocco. This day helps our Ironmen and their Iron moms come together.
  • Father/Son Gathering

    • At least once a year, we have an event for fathers and sons to go on a hike or for a cornhole tournament. It’s a great time to join an extended community and it always involves fun times and meaningful conversations. Join an extended community that focuses on fun and meaningful conversations.
  • BeefSteak

    • This is a great gathering around food for alumni, parents, and anyone else who loves Bosco to get to know each other.
    • Mission Trips

    • The focus of the week is to serve those most in need, but the Don Bosco community can’t help having a little fun, too. We might laugh at ourselves for trying to use a paintbrush for the first time or sampling a different food—but no matter what, the shared experience makes for great memories while doing good things for others.

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