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Fulfilling Potential
at a Top Private School in NJ

I found what I want to do for the rest of my life here, and I think that’s a common thing with a lot of boys here, because of how much we offer here.

Will Rosen ‘22, Savannah College of Art and Design

As one of the best private schools in NJ, Don Bosco Prep offers so much more than a traditional liberal arts curriculum. We teach in a way that supports your individual needs.

  • Small class sizes let your teachers get to know you on a more personal level to help you meet your full potential.
  • Our innovative Academic Pathways program takes you out of the usual classroom environment for hands-on subject area experiences.
  • Programs with local colleges and universities allow you to earn college credits as an Ironman.
  • Our classrooms give you real-world scenarios so you can practice the skills required to be successful in all environments.
  • A system that promotes a 21st century approach to the use of technological resources and helps you also recognize broader moral concerns.

Our rigorous academic curriculum is propelled by mentorship, community service, spiritual development, and community support. It gives you what it takes to embark on your college journey with confidence, purpose, and a solid foundation for success.

Don Bosco Students in-class learning.

What You Can Expect

We set high standards for personal responsibility and place an emphasis on intellectual curiosity, integrity, and respect for others. Across academic disciplines, Don Bosco Prep seeks to develop strong critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and effective communicators.

Salesian High School Principles:

  • Respect for all people and cultures
  • The ability to think, speak, and write precisely and cogently
  • Familiarity with and appreciation for various forms of literary, artistic and musical expression
  • An understanding of major historical forces that have shaped today’s society
  • The development of mathematical and reasoning skills
  • The skills necessary to use modern technology
  • Knowledge of the Catholic faith and an appreciation for the beliefs and teachings of the Salesian order

Integrity: The Core of a Don Bosco Education

Don Bosco and the Salesians emphasized personal integrity as foundational for character development.

At Don Bosco Prep, applying this to academics means upholding honesty in learning, respecting others’ work, taking responsibility for one’s academic endeavors, and fostering a culture of trust and integrity.

Students, parents and employees are bound by the Don Bosco Prep Academic Integrity Policy.

It is important that you review the policy and understand it—as well as the consequences for breaking it—before starting classes.

Don Bosco Students happy and smiling

Don Bosco Students in class learning on Ipads

Don Bosco Students are SAT-Ready

With a curriculum geared for success, of a top private school, Don Bosco students perform exceptionally well on the SAT, as evidenced by the fact, that our top 20% of students have a score of 1300. That’s well above the national average of 1028 and New Jersey average of 1192. Many students also choose to enroll in Don Bosco’s extracurricular, seven-week SAT Prep Review Course which happens twice a year.

Four Years of Academic Support

I extend my personal thanks, particularly to our wonderful Learning Needs Department, which has been so helpful to me, always ensuring that I was given the accommodations that I needed, even when it meant staying with me for 5 hours to take an AP exam.

Ryan McGovern, Don Bosco Class of 2023 Salutatorian, currently attending Northeastern University

The counselors at Don Bosco Prep value collaboration with teachers and administrators to ensure appropriate course placement that is closely aligned with each student’s abilities and skills. They work with each student individually throughout his high school experience to ensure he’s on track. Our dedicated counselors help students through the college application process and graduation.

Don Bosco Prep provides academic support services for enrolled students with a current IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 Plan. See our Guidance section for more information.

Don Bosco Students in art class

Upcoming Academic Events

The Don Bosco Prep Student-Parent Handbook

The Student-Parent Handbook is the most comprehensive account of school policies and regulations. Both students and parents are bound by its contents and must sign the agreement contained within.