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Don Bosco is a
Leadership Prep School

There’s no better way to teach leadership than by example. At Don Bosco Prep, our leadership is ever present at all levels. From administrative to clergy to faculty to student leadership. At Don Bosco Prep we believe in accompanying each young man to help him become the best version of himself. 

This could not be done without the dedication of our staff and faculty to help our young men understand what it means to grow into adults with Catholic values and the Ironman code to guide their decisions and those that they will inevitably lead.

Father Abe Broadcasts a Daily Video

Every morning, Father Abe Feliciano delivers an inspirational message to the student body, as a part of the student-produced “DBP News Morning Show.”

Don Bosco Students outside gathered by a statue of Mary

Student Leadership is Highly Valued

Here is a message to all students from the current Student President Gabe Cusher Class of 2024.

Ecclesiastic Leadership

Our resident priests and brothers epitomize what it means to be Salesian. In addition to providing spiritual guidance to our students, they take on roles as teachers. Coaches. Club moderators. They run retreats. Help organize fundraisers. Cheer at sporting and academic events. Support student performances. Take the time to meet the SDBs at our school!

Fr. Abraham Feliciano, SDB

Fr. James Mulloy, SDB
Teacher of Theology;
Moderator, Fishing Club; Moderator, Grilling Society

Br. Travis Gunther
Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Fr. Tom Dunne, SDB, Vice Director
Province Delegate for the Salesian Family;
Province Delegate for the Salesian Cooperators

Fr. John Blanco, SDB

Fr. James McKenna, SDB ’69
Department of Advancement

Brother Thomas Dion, SDB
Community Treasurer,
Pre-novitiate Coordinator

Brother Al Flatoff, SDB

Lorenzo D’Alessandro

Carlos Cerda

Jieo Tecson

Administrative Team

Mr. Joseph R. Azzolino ‘88
[email protected]

Mr. Jeffrey M Wojcik ‘01
[email protected]

Mrs. Karla Giron
Assistant Principal of Academics
[email protected]

Mr. Christopher Moore
Assistant Principal of Student Affairs
[email protected]

Mr. Thomas Neyland ‘93
Director of Enrollment
[email protected]

Mr. John O’Brien
Vice-president of Advancement
[email protected]

Mr. Alex Casale
Director of Finance and Facilities
[email protected]

Mrs. Nadia Ducos
Associate Director of Finance and Operations
[email protected]

Br. Travis Gunther
Director of Campus Ministry
[email protected]

Mr. Mark Siemon
Director of Technology
[email protected]

Mr. Marcin Szorc
Athletic Director
[email protected]

Mr. Thomas DeLucci
Director of Learning Needs
[email protected]

Mr. Jamie Ciofalo
Director of School Counseling
[email protected]

Mr. Vincent Sileo
Director of Security
[email protected]

Governance Leadership

Don Bosco’s Board of Trustees are alumni, parents, and clergy entrusted to guarantee sound oversight and give general direction to the school’s operations. They include:

Enrico Gaglioti
Alumnus, Class of 1989,
Parent 2023
Board Chair

Jim Fortescue
Alumnus, Class of 1991
Board Vice Chair

Vincent Colman
Parent 2006, 2007, 2010
Board Treasurer

Michael Betsy
Alumnus, Class of 1990,
Parent 2022, 2025
Board Secretary

Joseph R. Azzolino
President, Don Bosco Prep

Darlene Bruce
Parent 2021

Jeffrey Bryan
Parent 2020, 2023

David Buchanan
Parent 2011, 2013, 2018

Paul Burke
Alumnus, Class of 1992

Jim Carr, Esq.
Parent 2018, 2021

Mark Marino
Alumnus, Class of ’91,
Parent 2023, 2026

Dr. Connie McCue
Parent 2003

Dr. Catherine Skae
Parent 2020

Edward Geerlof
Alumnus, Class of 1990
Parent 2023

Joseph Simmel
Alumnus, Class of 1991

Jordan Wright
Alumnus, Class of 1999

Fr. Dominic Tran, SDB
Provincial ex-officio

Fr. Abraham Feliciano
Director, Don Bosco Prep

Michael Peyko
Parent 2011

Alumni Leadership

Don Bosco Prep is proud to have one of the largest and most active alumni networks of any preparatory high school in the nation. At 12,000-plus and growing, our alumni make themselves available to both current students and recent graduates for guidance, mentorship, and general support in a plethora of fields and areas of study.

Alumni events and programs that help bolster both students and the school include:

Don Bosco Annual Alumni Career Day

Scores of proud Ironmen kindly return to discuss their college choices, career paths, and life lessons with students in the junior class. This tradition for the last 20+ years has been a staple of alumni helping their little brothers.

Board of Trustees

Almost half of the members of the Don Bosco Board of Trustees are alumni.

Young Alumni Reception

Alumni gather to give recent graduates guidance on their next steps in education and life. Together, they participate in everything from sporting events to simple get-togethers at local watering holes.

Always Involved

From networking events, special interest groups, school spirit traditions, service opportunities, and sharing of inspiring stories, to fundraising and advising students in their faith and career paths, alumni provide non-stop and lifelong leadership to the entire Don Bosco community near and far.

Sports-Minded Leadership

Student-athletes tap into the wisdom of former Don Bosco athletes at the annual Alumni Football Tailgate, Soccer Day, and Hockey Day.

Always Connected

Once an Ironman, always an Ironman! Students automatically become members of the Don Bosco Alumni Network upon graduation, where they are encouraged not only to provide leadership services to students, but also to fellow alumni through the sharing of news and opportunities, reunion planning and so much more.

Don Bosco Directory

Effective communication among students, parents, educators, clergy, and administration is an essential part of the Don Bosco experience.

Access a complete directory, including office hours, email addresses, and office phone numbers.