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Nationally Acclaimed
Ironman Athletics

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Don Bosco Prep has a stellar history of coaching winning teams in NJ high school sports. Our teams can celebrate hard-earned wins and a truly impressive roster of championships:


League Championships


County Championships


State Championships


National Championships

That includes nine undefeated seasons and being named Star-Ledger Team of the Year eight times. And our 2003 team was named the greatest football team in New Jersey High School history!

Programs for Both Competitive and Casual Players

When we say that Don Bosco provides a playground on which young men can shine, we’re talking about a place unlike any other! Our NJ high school sports program has a rich history, both locally and nationally.

When Don Bosco welcomed its first students in 1915, the initial sports program was intramural. Class champions were crowned in baseball, basketball, and gymnastics. The first interscholastic team fielded was baseball. Basketball and gymnastics soon followed. Since those early years, the interscholastic athletic program has grown to 18 varsity and 28 sub-varsity sports, highly recognized at state and national levels.

Those hoping to play competitively at the college level should take note: according to a 2016 report in the Lateral Sports and the HS Athlete College Guide, Don Bosco produces more college athletes than any other high school in New Jersey.

The Don Bosco athletic program also caters to those who want to play more casually. Intramural sports range from traditional ones like basketball to one of the newest sports crazes: Pickleball!

An Enriching Experience Steeped in a Winning Tradition

We’re proud of our long history of producing winning teams. Our elite athletics program has helped make Don Bosco one of the best private high schools in NJ. But our athletes don’t just graduate with a collection of wins; they emerge with a diverse set of life skills and a profound understanding of the principles that govern sportsmanship and life’s code of conduct. The emphasis is not just on winning, but also on fostering a sense of community and belonging.

At Don Bosco, our commitment to nurturing students extends both on and off the field. Our athletics program stands as a testament to the holistic development we aim for, ensuring that every student gains not only victories but also the enduring qualities that will serve them well beyond their time at Don Bosco Prep.

A group of Don Bosco Students cheered and jumped because their team one.

An auditorium of cheering on at a pep rally

We’ve Got the Spirit

Whether actively playing or cheering from the sidelines, school spirit is a huge part of the Don Bosco experience. It resonates throughout the stadium and playing fields on game days and throughout the campus on off days.

Spirit is one of the factors compelling our athletes to do their best, and their achievements reflect their commitment. Teams have accumulated 49 state championships, 71 county titles, and three national titles. And in 2003, the Ironmen were named the greatest high school football team in New Jersey history!

49 State Championships

71 County Titles

3 National Titles

Intramurals Promote Engagement

As with our interscholastic program, Don Bosco’s high school intramural sports program contributes significantly to a student’s holistic growth. It allows participation at all skill levels, encouraging social interaction and building new friendships. Our intramural sports focus on the enjoyment of the game and foster a lifelong appreciation of sports.

Our growing intramural sports program includes:

More to come. Bring us your ideas!

Our Playground is State-of-the-Art