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A Springboard for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Don Bosco has been a lifeline through my undergraduate career and young professional career. I can confidently say I would not be at the stage I am now without Don Bosco Prep. The Bosco community continues to open doors for me.

Robert O’Neill ’19, Bucknell University

A group of Don Bosco Students listening to a lecture

Don Bosco Prep is a top rated private high school in NJ and has a rich history of graduating students who have become true leaders in so many disciplines. Our grads are noted athletes, coaches, politicians, musicians, commentators—and more.

As a New Jersey college preparatory school, we are proud to say that we have a 100% college acceptance rate. Here is a sampling {note: should be in an accordion or new page} of colleges that students were accepted to in recent years.

We help students be ready for life after college.