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Students are supported in their transition from adolescence into young adulthood by working colaboratively with the Guidance Department to facilitate their well-being and success as they work through the college exploration and application process. 

At each grade level, counselors meet with students individually and in group settings to provide emotional support and information relevant to academic planning, standardized testing, career exploration and college readiness.

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Don Bosco Prep's High School/CEEB Code is 311285

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School Counseling Program

Supporting Students In Academic Achievement, Personal Wellness, College And Career Readiness

Our school counseling program is designed to support each student as he progresses through his academic career in high school, in preparation for his future studies and career.
The counselors at Don Bosco Prep value collaboration with teachers and administrators to ensure appropriate course placement that is closely aligned with each student’s abilities and skills.
In addition, the counselors empower students to be accountable, optimistic, and find joy throughout the learning process.

This program begins in freshman year, utilizing Naviance (a college and career readiness computer software) to allow students to start thinking about potential career options that may fit their personality characteristics and interests. 

Counselors work on an individual basis with each student throughout his high school experience to ensure students are on track throughout the college application process.

Counselors will schedule time with students throughout the school year for readiness.

These forms must be submitted to the Guidance Department:

Document Request: Each form must be submitted for each college

Student Athletes: Informing potential student athletes about additional requirements they must meet in order to be eligible for NCAA competition
Summer Programs: Summer Program opportunities

Scholarships: National and Local Opportunities
Through individual and group counseling sessions, the counselors at Don Bosco Prep work to guide students through personal, social, and emotional domains of their lives that may impact their learning.

As challenges or personal concerns may arise in a student or family’s lives, the counselors intervene with support and resources to foster positive growth and assistance throughout the school day.

The school counselor is the liaison between home and school and personal life and studies.

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Student Timeline

Yearly Expectations


For freshmen, the early focus is on transition issues, study skills, and involvement in the school community through participation in extracurricular clubs and activities.  Students are introduced to Naviance, the college and career planning software that will be used throughout the four years, to support increased self-awareness. 


In sophomore year, students use Naviance to explore potential career paths that align with their strengths and interests.  There is a continued emphasis on academic achievement and meaningful community involvement.  Students are encouraged to attend college fairs and tours organized by the school.


Junior year is heavily geared toward the college exploration process, with continued focus on personal integrity and social responsibility.  The department hosts a variety of informative workshops and presentations, and parents/guardians are encouraged to meet with the student’s counselor to discuss specifics related to post-secondary planning. 


Seniors return to school with a focus on the college application process, and counselors provide continued support for successful completion and submission of applications, with emphasis on continued scholastic achievement and meaningful extracurricular involvement.  

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