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In the spirit of our founder, we recognize that each student is unique and we believe in his potential. We also acknowledge that students learn differently and that with support and encouragement, students with learning differences can succeed while they participate fully in a college-preparatory program.

Admission to the Learning Needs Program

Students with learning differences who apply for admission to Don Bosco Prep are not automatically eligible for services. Application to the Learning Needs Program must be made during the admission process and prior to registration.
Parents are asked to provide the Admissions Office with their son’s most recent documentation at the time they submit his application, and to do so prior to registration. That documentation will then be reviewed to determine if Don Bosco Prep, with reasonable accommodations, can meet your son’s academic needs. Having documented learning differences will not prevent acceptance, provided the student successfully meets all other admissions criteria. Having knowledge of accepted students with learning needs will provide adequate time to ensure that the student is properly scheduled and allow us to better facilitate his transition to the services coordinated by our program. This is especially important for students with a current IEP or SP, as we coordinate their services and eligibility through Bergen County Special Services.
To determine the appropriateness of Don Bosco Prep’s educational setting for a prospective student with learning needs, his most recent and current service plan (IEP/SP/504), including recent psycho-educational evaluations when available, must accompany the student’s application.

All appropriate documentation must be released to Don Bosco Prep. Please note that your son’s current school will not forward this information to Don Bosco Prep along with his permanent records. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide this information to Don Bosco Prep.

After the student’s records have been reviewed by the Learning Needs Program, the Admissions Director will notify the student’s parents as to his eligibility for placement in the Learning Needs Program.

Learning Needs Program

Recognizing that there are varying degrees of learning needs, we aim to provide appropriate services which will facilitate your son’s academic success at Don Bosco Prep and adequately prepare him for post-secondary education. The Learning Needs Program at Don Bosco Prep provides support services for enrolled students with documented learning differences. Students with learning needs are expected to participate fully in our college preparatory curriculum and to meet all school requirements for graduation.
We are pleased to say that most students with learning differences have been quite successful here at Don Bosco. The vast majority of students entering our learning needs program will graduate from this school and will attend college. Many will pursue honors and advanced classes while enrolled here as well. Our learning needs students are encouraged to be self-advocates and to assume responsibility for their academic success. We believe that the development of these habits will be life - changing and will prepare your son for future success in college and life. We encourage and expect our learning needs students to become increasingly independent and autonomous as they navigate through high school.

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