Fostering Technical and Teamwork Skills
The Don Bosco Prep Engineering Pathway uses robotics and other hands-on, project-based learning as a medium to foster the technical and teamwork skills necessary for success in today's technological environment. Students develop these competencies in both academic and extracurricular activities.


Engineering Pathway students will successfully complete the following courses to satisfy the academic component of the Pathway. The following courses are available as of the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Intro to Robotics 
    • No prior experience necessary. Focus is on programming skills. 
  • Robotics Engineering – using an Actobotics / Modern Robotics / REV platform
    • Focus is on mechanical and electrical principles and skills. Includes an introduction to Java
  • Robotics Design – using SolidWorks (industrystandard CAD software)
    • Design robots virtually. Design and 3D print useful robot parts
  • Robotics Project: builds a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robot (up to 42 lbs)
    • Each class functions as an engineering team to design and build a robot. May be entered into a competition to compete against many local high schools. A capstone requirement is currently under development
  • AP Computer Science
    • A full-year college-level course that may replace one of the courses in the above sequence


The Don Bosco Prep Engineering Pathway offers students a variety of experiential learning opportunities to expand their knowledge and experiences outside of the classroom.

Engineering Pathway students will have the opportunity to participate in unique learning opportunities:

  • Gain experience in SolidWorks
  • Robotics Team
    • Builds FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) robots (up to 120 lbs)
    • Award winning varsity and junior varsity teams
    • Students can earn a varsity letter in Robotics
    • Junior Varsity: one of only three schools in New Jersey where freshmen and sophomores can build their own FRC robot
    • Sponsored by and known by the best engineering universities in the country
    • College scholarships available

Contract Engineering Pathway Program

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  • Photo of Louis Konopelski

    Fr. Louis Konopelski SDB 

    Department Chair
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    Mrs. Karla Giron 

    Assistant Principal of Academics
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    Mr. Jeffrey Wojcik 


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