The Don Bosco Prep Fine & Performing Arts Pathway is an academic pathway for students interested in Music, Theater, and Art.

Music Concentration
The Music Concentration is for those wishing to pursue professional-level training in the performing arts. Designed to build skill, artistry and music literacy at a high level of competency, students will have opportunities to perform alongside distinguished musicians and faculty from major symphony orchestras, universities, and conservatories, as well as professional musicians from around the world….some of the most celebrated names in music – from classical superstars to Broadway actors to acclaimed composers.

Theater Concentration
The Theater Concentration aims to empower young men by cultivating life skills, selfexpression, and confidence through theater experiences. These experiences provide like-minded artists with a strong foundation of theater education and performance in a safe and supportive environment. The program is designed to inspire Don Bosco Prep students and to set the stage for the rest of their lives.

Art Concentration
The Art Concentration introduces the technical skills and fundamentals of art.  Incorporating art history, aesthetics, and art criticism, students develop an art vocabulary, form opinions, and learn to write about their own artwork. The Concentration is designed to accommodate artists of all skill levels and foster a love of experimentation and revision.  Students are exposed to a wide array of 2-D and 3-D media, styles, and techniques, allowing students to unleash their inner creativity in exciting, project-based learning.


The Fine & Performing Arts Pathway offers the following courses to students interested in studying the arts as of the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Concert Chorus
  • Studo Art I
  • Concert Band
  • Studio Art II
  • String Orchestra
  • Studio Art III
  • Intro to Guitar
  • AP Art and Design
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Music Theory


The Music, Theater, and Art Concentrations within the Fine & Performing Arts Pathway offer students a variety of experiential learning opportunities to expand their knowledge and experiences in the arts outside of the

  • Jazz Band
  • Set Design
  • Liturgical Music Ensemble                        
  • Museum and Gallery Visits
  • Chapel Concerts
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Partnerships
  • Winter Drama
  • Guest artists and performers in class
  • Spring Musical
  • Opportunity to perform with professionals

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  • Photo of Toni Bilotti Cecere

    Mrs. Toni Bilotti Cecere 

    Director, Choral Activities, Chapel Concerts & Liturgical Music
  • Photo of Gaetano Cecere

    Mr. Gaetano "Gary" Cecere 

    Director, Concert Band & String Orchestra Guitar Ensemble
  • Photo of Karla Giron

    Mrs. Karla Giron 

    Assistant Principal of Academics
  • Photo of Jeffrey Wojcik

    Mr. Jeffrey Wojcik 


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  • Photo of Brooke Walters

    Ms. Brooke Walters 

    Director, Theater Program

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  • Photo of Sheri Dennehy

    Ms. Sheri Dennehy 

  • Photo of Karla Giron

    Mrs. Karla Giron 

    Assistant Principal of Academics
  • Photo of Jeffrey Wojcik

    Mr. Jeffrey Wojcik 


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