OnScene Technologies, Inc.

Erik Endress, CEO, shared his entrepreneurial story of starting a business that combined his passion with saving lives.
On November 11th, Erik Endress, co-founder and CEO of OnScene Technologies, Inc. spoke to Mrs. Donegan's Financial Literacy class. OnScene Technologies, Inc. is a Ramsey, NJ-based technology startup that builds software to save lives. Don Bosco Prep is a proud user of Share911.com, a SaaS solution for the enterprise, connecting workplaces and co-workers together in real-time during an emergency. In his presentation, Erik stressed the importance of being open minded and optimistic when starting out in a career, pivoting when there is opportunity, and never giving up. He encouraged our students to find their passion and do something important with their lives.

Thank you for your presentation and for creating Share911.com, Mr. Endress!

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